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At EH1 Removals are local Edinburgh specialists in providing home clearances for any situation. When you need to clear your property for any reason, or even a part of your property, call the experts and we’ll get your home cleared quickly, professionally and safely.


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What Does A House Clearance Involve?

Our house clearance service in Edinburgh involves clearing unwanted items from a property. This can be a whole property, or it can be a part of a property like a garage or a spare room.

If you are unable to clear the items yourself for any reason – because there is too much stuff, the items are too large or you don’t have enough time – we will help. So call in the experts today and we’ll get rid of the clutter for you in no time.

Why Choose EH1  for A House Clearance in Edinburgh?

We have over four years of experience at EH1 Removals when it comes to clearing homes. We provide a professional service, and we always go the extra mile to get the job done properly.

We have a friendly team and provide great customer support to help you out with anything you need. Our house clearance experts work quickly but professionally, and they always leave everything clean and tidy at the end of the job.

When you use EH1 Removals, you can be sure that we will provide a punctual and reliable service. We always turn up at the agreed time, and we also have a large fleet of vehicles that are suitable for any house clearance. 

We Can Help with Any SIZE HoME Clearance

We carry out both large and small house clearances Edinburgh. We have the team and the fleet for any situation, and no clearance job is too complex for us.

We clear homes in any situation. Perhaps you have just moved out of a property, or maybe you’re moving in. You may want to renovate your home and need to clear out the junk first. Perhaps a family member has passed away and left the property to you. In this case, we can check items for sentimental value in case you want to keep them.

We can also help in hoarding situations where excessive clutter needs to be cleared away. Compulsive hoarding requires a serious house clearance, so contact us for these situations to take advantage of our professional service.  

    What we clear

    We can clear anything from your property including furniture, cookers, fridges and white goods, old clothes, personal effects, junk, ornaments, waste, bulky items, pianos and more. Nothing needs to go to waste that can be reused or recycled, and we will also donate items to charities where we can. 

      Eco-Friendly Service

      We reuse and recycle as much as possible to reduce waste from our house clearances. It’s our goal to provide a more eco-friendly service, so we only send to landfill what we absolutely have to. Everything else will get reused or recycled.

        How to Arrange Your House Clearance

        It’s quick and easy to arrange a house clearance in Edinburgh. First, contact us to discuss the details of your project and get your no-obligation quote. Once we’ve arranged a place and time, we’ll turn up with our team and get to work. You don't need to do anything else. There is no need to prepare or box anything up because we’ll take care of everything for you. We’ll just turn up and get it done fast. We’ll then get rid of the junk and other items, and we’ll always reuse and recycle wherever possible. 


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          Are you ready to arrange a house clearance in Edinburgh? Then contact us today. Ask us any questions you have, and we’ll explain the process and provide you with all the information you need. We look forward to helping with your Edinburgh home clearance today.

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          House Clearance Edinburgh: A Stress-Free Guide to Reclaiming Your Space with House Clearance Specialists

          House clearance in Edinburgh not only simplifies the process of de-cluttering your home but also provides a fresh opportunity to rejuvenate your living space. Choosing a professional and reliable service can efficiently remove unwanted items, from bulky furniture to electronic waste, ensuring your home is clutter-free and more spacious. This is particularly beneficial for house cleared services across Scotland. Opting for these services saves you considerable time and effort and promotes recycling and the responsible disposal of goods. Furthermore, engaging with a company that offers the flexibility to accommodate your specific needs and schedule adds more convenience to the entire process. In essence, house clearance services in Edinburgh are the key to transforming your home into a more organized, enjoyable, and serene environment.

          What is House Clearance in Edinburgh?

          House Clearance in Edinburgh is a comprehensive service that removes unwanted items from your home, from large, bulky furniture to smaller personal belongings or electronic waste. This essential service not only aids in decluttering your space but also ensures the responsible disposal or recycling of your items, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable environment. 

          For residents of Edinburgh facing the daunting task of sorting through years of accumulated possessions, house clearance companies offer a stress-free solution to reclaim space and achieve a more organized, serene living environment. By enlisting professional help, you can save valuable time and effort, allowing for a hassle-free transition to a clutter-free home. This process simplifies your living space and promotes a healthier, more peaceful setting for daily life.

          What are the benefits of edinburgh house clearance?

          Engaging in-house clearance services in Edinburgh offers many benefits that streamline the decluttering process and contribute to a more harmonious home environment. Here are some key advantages:

          1. Creates More Space: A cluttered home can feel cramped and unwelcoming, but our rubbish removal services can change that. Removing unnecessary items opens up your living space, making it feel more extensive and more inviting.

          2. Reduces Stress: Clutter can significantly contribute to stress levels. A tidy, well-organized home promotes a sense of calm. It reduces anxiety, making it a peaceful refuge from the outside world.

          3. Saves Time: Searching for items in a cluttered house can be time-consuming; contact us for a stress free rubbish removal solution. Clearing out the clutter means less time spent looking for things and more time enjoying your home.

          4. Promotes Recycling: Many house clearance services in Edinburgh prioritize eco-friendly disposal methods. By choosing these services, you're tidying your space and contributing to environmental sustainability through recycling and responsible waste management.

          5. Flexible Scheduling: Professional clearance companies in Edinburgh understand that each client has unique needs, including landlords looking for efficient clearances between tenants. They typically offer flexible scheduling to fit your timetable, adding an extra layer of convenience.

          6. Enhanced Safety: Removing clutter can eliminate potential hazards, making your home safer. This is particularly important in homes with children, elderly residents, or those with mobility issues.

          7. Boosts Property Value: If you're considering selling your home, a clutter-free property is more appealing to potential buyers. House clearance can significantly increase your home's marketability and value.

          In conclusion, house clearance services in Edinburgh not only aid in decluttering your home but also enhance your living space in numerous ways. The advantages are manifold, from creating more room to promoting safety and increasing your property's appeal. Opting for a reliable and eco-conscious clearance service can transform your home into a more functional, serene, and enjoyable environment.

          Understanding the Essentials of House Clearance team

          House clearance involves thoroughly removing unwanted items, including rubbish, from a property and ensuring each space is left clean and tidy. When you choose a professional for full house clearance service in Edinburgh, you engage with experts skilled in efficiently decluttering homes. These specialists help dispose of, recycle, or donate your unnecessary belongings, ranging from oversized furniture and appliances to small personal items and electronic waste. The primary aim is to create a more spacious and organized living environment.

          This service goes beyond merely throwing things away. It entails carefully evaluating what can be recycled, donated to charity, or disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner. This approach not only declutters your home but also supports sustainability, reducing the ecological footprint of the disposal process. 

          Opting for house clearance services can transform your home into a more pleasurable space, improve its safety by reducing hazards, and even enhance its market value, all while ensuring the process is stress free from start to finish. Whether you're preparing for a move, dealing with the estate of a loved one, or simply aiming to reclaim your living space, house clearance in Edinburgh offers a stress-free solution tailored to your specific needs and schedule.

          What are the different types of clearances?

          House clearance services in Edinburgh cater to various types of clearances, meeting each homeowner's unique needs. Understanding these options can help you select the exemplary service for your situation.

          Whole House Clearance: This comprehensive service is ideal if you're looking to empty an entire property, from unwanted furniture to personal belongings, quickly and efficiently. Whether moving, renovating, or preparing a house for sale, whole house clearance professionals in Edinburgh efficiently remove all unwanted items, leaving the property clean and empty.

          Garage Clearance: Garage spaces often become cluttered with tools, old appliances, and unused items. A garage clearance service focuses on this area, helping you reclaim valuable space that can be used more effectively.

          Loft Clearance: Lofts are typically filled with items no longer in use, such as seasonal decorations, old furniture, and memorabilia. Opting for loft clearance services ensures these items are removed safely and systematically, potentially transforming your loft into a usable space.

          Each clearance type, whether you're removing a wardrobe or clearing a flat, brings its own set of benefits, from creating more living space to improving your property's safety and aesthetic appeal. Choosing a professional clearance service in Edinburgh ensures a hassle-free experience. It contributes to environmental sustainability through responsible disposal, recycling, and donation of items.

          When Might You Need House Clearance Service in Edinburgh?

          There are several occasions when you might find yourself in need of house clearance services in Edinburgh. Professional house clearance can offer a streamlined solution whether you're undergoing a significant life change, looking to improve your living environment, or managing an estate.

          1. Preparing for a Move: Moving house is a perfect time for decluttering. Engaging in house clearance ensures you only take what you need to your new home, reducing moving costs and simplifying your transition.

          2. Renovating Your Property: Clearing out your space is the first step if you plan to renovate, especially important in removing outdated and unwanted furniture. It lets you visualize and execute your renovation plans more effectively across Scotland, creating room for new designs and improvements.

          3. Dealing with an Estate: The loss of a loved one often brings the responsibility of sorting through their belongings. House clearance services can compassionately handle this process, respecting your loved one's items, such as a cherished piano, while easing your burden.

          4. Seeking a Lifestyle Change: A decluttered home can lead to a decluttered mind. Suppose you're aiming for a minimalist lifestyle or wish to create a more organized living space. In that case, house clearance can help achieve these goals, offering a stress free service from start to finish.

          5. Addressing Health and Safety Concerns: Over time, clutter can become a health hazard, especially in homes with elderly or young family members. Clearing space can reduce the risk of accidents and promote a healthier living environment, particularly crucial for tenants with children.

          In essence, Edinburgh house clearance is not just about removing unwanted items; it's about creating a positive change in your living space and lifestyle. Opting for a professional service ensures this process is handled efficiently, with consideration for recycling and donation, making it a responsible choice for you and the environment.

          How to Choose the Right House Clearance Company

          When you undertake house clearance in Edinburgh, selecting the right company is crucial for a smooth, efficient, and environmentally responsible process. We would highly recommend consulting professionals to ensure proper property clearance. The choice between local and national companies and specialist versus generalist firms can influence your clearance project's overall experience and outcome. Here's a closer look at these options:

          Local vs. National Companies

          Local companies, including those certified as waste carriers, have the advantage of specialized knowledge about Edinburgh, including its recycling policies and donation centers. Their familiarity with the area can lead to faster, more personalized service. A local firm may provide a more tailored approach, understanding residents' specific needs and challenges. However, their resources might be limited compared to more extensive networks.

          On the other hand, national companies often have a broader range of resources. They can offer more competitive prices due to their scale. Their extensive networks enable them to handle clearances in multiple locations, such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Fife, simultaneously. The trade-off might be less personalized service and less detailed local knowledge.

          Specialist vs. Generalist Companies

          Specialist companies, often accredited as waste carriers, focus on particular types of house clearance, such as bereavement clearances or eco-friendly services. Suppose you have specific needs, such as requiring a compassionate approach during a difficult time or ensuring that as much as possible is recycled or reused, especially important in bereavement house clearance scenarios. A specialist company can offer the expertise and sensitivity needed in that case.

          Generalist companies, meanwhile, provide a broader range of services, including the removal of unwanted furniture and offering a free quote. They might be a good fit if your clearance needs are more straightforward or you're looking for a one-stop solution. However, their general approach may need more depth of knowledge or customized services a specialist firm can offer.

          In conclusion, your choice should reflect your needs, preferences, and values. Whether prioritizing local expertise, the scale of resources, specialized services, or versatility, carefully consider what each type of company can offer. This ensures a successful clearance and peace of mind, knowing that your clearance contributes positively to your home and the environment.

          What Services Are Included?

          When opting for house clearance services in Edinburgh, it's essential to understand the range of services included to ensure your needs are fully met. Here's a breakdown to guide your decision:

          1. Item Removal: The core of house clearance involves removing unwanted items from your property. This includes furniture, appliances, personal belongings, and general clutter.

          2. Recycling Services: A responsible house clearance company prioritizes eco-friendly practices. This means a significant portion of removed items will be recycled, aligning with environmentally friendly sustainability efforts.

          3. Donation of Usable Items: Items in good condition are often donated to local charities or community organizations. This not only reduces waste but is in need within your community.

          4. Responsible Disposal: For items that cannot be recycled or donated, professional clearance services ensure responsible disposal according to local regulations, minimizing environmental impact.

          5. Cleaning Services: often complement clearance services by ensuring the space is not only cleared but also cleaned thoroughly, a must for any tenant moving out. Some house clearance companies offer cleaning services post-clearance, leaving your space neat and ready for its subsequent use or occupant.

          6. Specialized Clearances: Whether dealing with sensitive situations like bereavement clearances or requiring specialized handling of hazardous materials, many companies offer tailored services to meet these needs.

          Selecting a house clearance service that encompasses these components guarantees a thorough, responsible, and efficient clearance process. This not only simplifies your task of decluttering but also contributes positively to the environment and your community.

          House Clearance Edinburgh  – The Clearance Process

          The clearance process for house clearance in Edinburgh is designed to be thorough, efficient, and environmentally responsible. Here's a step-by-step guide to understanding how it works:

          1. Initial Consultation: The process typically begins with an initial consultation, where a representative from the clearance company assesses your needs. During this phase, you discuss which items need to be cleared and any special requirements, such as handling sensitive items or adhering to eco-friendly practices.

          2. Quotation and Planning: Based on the initial assessment, the company provides a quotation and outlines a plan for the complete house clearance. This plan includes the timeline, the resources required, and the steps to ensure the process is carried out smoothly.

          3. Clearance Day: Arrive with the necessary tools and vehicles on the schedule. They start on the scheduled day by removing items systematically, focusing on efficiency while carefully handling your belongings.

          4. Sorting and Segregation: Items are sorted into recycling, donation, and disposal categories. The team ensures that recyclable materials are sent to the appropriate recycling facilities and that good-quality items are donated to local charities.

          5. Responsible Disposal: Items that cannot be recycled or donated are disposed of responsibly. The company uses accredited facilities and follows local regulations to minimize environmental impact.

          6. Final Clean-up: After removing all items, some companies offer cleaning services to leave your space tidy and ready for its subsequent use.

          7. Documentation and Feedback: Upon completion, the company provides clearance documentation, including recycling and disposal details. They might also seek feedback to ensure your satisfaction with the service, a practice we value highly enough.

          Choosing a housing house clearance service in Edinburgh ensures that the Ensurese process respects your property and contributes positively to the community and environment.

          What to expect on the clearance day from house clearance specialists

          On the day of the house clearance, you can expect a highly organized and professional approach from the team handling your project, ensuring everything is handled as quickly and efficiently as said they would. Initially, the team arrives punctually, equipped with the necessary tools and transportation to tackle the task at hand efficiently. Ensuring clear access to your property is crucial; it allows the team to move items, such as large wardrobes, quickly and safely, minimizing any disruption to your daily routine.

          The clearance process itself is executed with precision and respect for your property. The team categorically removes items, distinguishing between those that can be recycled, donated, or must be disposed of responsibly. This segregation plays a pivotal role in decluttering your space and contributing positively to environmental conservation efforts and community support through donations.

          Throughout the day, the team demonstrates a commitment to efficiency and attention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of the clearance meets your expectations. From the systematic removal of items to the thoughtful allocation of goods for recycling and donation, their expertise facilitates a smooth and successful clearance process.

          In conclusion, a professional house clearance service ensures your needs are met with expertise and care. By choosing a reputable provider, you achieve a clutter-free space and make a responsible choice that benefits the environment and supports your community.

          House Clearance Edinburgh  – Cost Considerations

          Understanding the cost involved when planning a complete house clearance in Edinburgh is crucial. Prices vary based on several factors, including the size of your property, whether you need to clear a single flat or a large house, and the volume of items to be cleared. Additional services such as deep cleaning or disposing of hazardous materials can affect the final price. It's wise to gather multiple quotes from reputable house clearance services to secure the best value and possibly get a free quote to compare. Negotiating the price and offering to sort items beforehand might lead to further savings. Eh1 Edinburgh Removals prides itself on transparent pricing and personalized service to meet your needs, ensuring a cost-effective and efficient house clearance experience. Remember, investing in professional house clearance simplifies the process and contributes positively to environmental sustainability and community welfare.

          Eco-Friendly House Clearance Solutions by Eh1 Edinburgh Removals

          Choosing Eh1 Edinburgh Removals for your house clearance ensures a commitment to eco-friendly practices that significantly minimize environmental impact around Edinburgh. We understand the importance of responsible waste disposal and take pride in recycling, donation, and upcycling services. Every item cleared from your property is carefully assessed to determine the best action. 

          Materials suitable for recycling are dispatched to the appropriate facilities, ensuring they are reprocessed in an environmentally responsible manner. Items in good condition find new homes:eFindrough our donation program, benefiting which benefits those in need within the community. Additionally, our innovative upcycling services breathe new life into items that would otherwise be discarded, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

          At Eh1 Edinburgh Removals, we are dedicated to clearing your space and doing so in a way that cares for our planet. With our eco-friendly house-clearing options, you make a choice that's good for your home, the community, and the environment.


          In conclusion, when considering a house clearance in Edinburgh, the key takeaways are clear: choosing a professional, eco-friendly service like Eh1 Edinburgh Removals significantly enhances the experience by focusing on responsible waste disposal, recycling, and donation. We not only simplifies the clearance process but also ensures a positive impact on the environment and the community by removing unwanted furniture in a responsible manner. For those looking to declutter their space with minimal hassle and maximum efficiency, engaging with a reputable house clearance company is crucial. This guarantees a streamlined operation that respects your property, adheres to eco-friendly practices, and provides peace of mind. Contact Eh1 Edinburgh Removals today for a tailored, stress-free house clearance solution that meets your needs and contributes positively to the sustainable community's sustainability efforts.